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Boost your business with us - Synapse Team's IT Outstaffing Services, tailor-made for your needs. We specialize in scaling tech teams for growth.

Synapse Team has been named a Clutch Top B2B Companies in Ukraine 2020!
Synapse Team has been named a Clutch Global winner!
Synapse Team has been named a Clutch Champion winner!
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Outsourcing Services

Here are the advantages you will get by choosing outsourcing services:

  • icon Outsourcing significantly simplifies work processes
  • icon Frees up time for businesses to better focus on the company's core needs
  • icon Allows reducing costs
  • icon It enables you to get an expert or experts immediately
  • icon It allows you to conclude agreements on short-term projects

The provision of outsourcing services allows for the relief of the workload of full-time employees and the delegation of tasks to professional specialists. As a result, the business obtains high-quality services from a qualified agency and has control over the volume and speed of work completion.

Acquiring excellent service while reducing labor and maintenance costs makes IT outsourcing beneficial for businesses. Since one specialist cannot physically possess such a depth of knowledge and proficiency, the IT industry is evolving to the point where working with a team of experts to solve IT issues, high-quality IT outsourcing aids organizations in their ongoing development.

You can achieve the right degree of business efficiency with the aid of custom software development. Synapse Team provides you with the ideal software based on your project needs.

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Regardless of the difficulty or your business goals, your web app, platform, or website has to be developed no errors. We can design a customized web application from scratch for you in a time- and money-efficient way.

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Synapse Team provides outstanding interfaces for all platforms and projects. Our front-end development team makes apps with fully integrated user interfaces and business logic. We are dedicated to creating aesthetically stunning and user-centered front end designs for your company.

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We provide a broad range of back-end development services for online, desktop, and mobile applications as part of our software development services. Our development team handles every stage of tailored software building.

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Building both core operating principles and user-friendly interfaces, full-stack development ensures a synchronized product development cycle where every detail is taken into consideration. Synapse Team full-stack developers have the depth of knowledge and expertise required to produce fully functional apps for your business.

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We provide professional WordPress development services. Our team can build a robust WordPress website and customize it to the unique requirements of your business

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IT Outstaffing Services: we build digital products and scale team.

Benefits of outstaffing:

  • icon Flexibility
  • icon High level of expertise
  • icon Reduced costs and turnover risk

IT outstaffing services in Ukraine require significantly lower costs than hiring internal developers or contracting with local developers in Western countries. Outstaffing gives you access to the best talent at competitive prices.

Also, reduced expenses for office, hardware, software, corporate event organization, payment of various bonuses and bonuses, corporate training, and so on.​​​​

Any project's success depends on having the full team on board, but as projects mature, it's frequently important to engage new team members with appropriate expertise. No matter what project objectives you have, adding professionals from the talent worldwide pool will benefit them. Synapse Team IT staffing services give your team the agility, industry knowledge, and flexibility it needs to expand swiftly and finish development on schedule.

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With our dedicated development team approach, you can accomplish your goals more quickly and efficiently, whether you need to grow your project team, develop specialized technical skills, or accelerate the development of your product.

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Your company's ability to accomplish short- and long-term business goals will be significantly increased by utilizing a dedicated offshore team's knowledge and competence. With Synapse Team offshore development services, time zones won’t be in the way of your product’s development, bringing you goals closer with the aid of worldwide professionals.

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About us

Synapse Team, Top IT Outstaffing and Outsourcing Company

Welcome to Synapse Team! If you have an idea but no technical background and no in-house team, then hiring our company is the best solution for you! Entrust software development to professionals and focus on the positioning of the product in the market and the growth of your business. We are ready to offer outstaffing and outsourcing services, established processes and technically competent and experienced staff. Everyone knows how difficult it is to find competent, honorable professionals. Because of this, we provide you with a dependable and encouraging team-building approach. By choosing us, you will work with a dependable partner and receive various advantages for your company.

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107+ Satisfied Customers
134+ Completed Projects
5+ Years of Experience
3+ Awards Won

Deep technical and domain expertise to help your business grow

Our domains

We have both knowledge and expertise in software development for different industries. Synapse Team developers are flexible and dedicated to tailoring the product to your business and industry needs.

Our toolset

Our developers work with up-to-date frameworks and constantly expand their toolsets. We have everything to bring your ideas to reality ‒ including the use of in-demand technologies.

our team

Remote IT Contractors In Time

Since 2018, Synapse Team has been a trusted software development partner for companies across the globe. Grow your team and expand your software development capabilities with a reliable tech partner by your side.

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Our cases

Take a look at our most successful projects

Online Travel Booking Website - Synapse Team
High Load Educational Platform
Food Ordering Platform - Synapse Team
95% 65% 99% 90% 85% 95% 75% 90% 80% 70%

of our developers have 3+ years of experience.

of our developers are Full-Stack experts.

staff engage in monthly training.

of projects start within two weeks.

clients choose our dedicated team model.

completion rate within deadlines.

Over of our projects use latest technologies.

We boosted of our clients' in-house capabilities.

of our clients engage on multi-year contracts.

of new clients come through referrals.

of new clients come through referrals.

Synapse Team was hired to augment a software development company's internal development team. We're impressed with their ability to understand our needs and choose the right developer for our project.


Serhii Soroka

Partnerships Manager

We had really good cooperation with their team. The team was highly responsive, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor's attention to detail and personal approach.


Clearwater, Florida

CEO, Software Development Company

Synapse Team's engineers seamlessly acquainted with the whole project team and delivered efficient solutions, enabling the company to release their products on time.


Petro Samoshkin

CEO, AdvantiSS

Synapse Team made the platform more stable — they increased uptime, reduced problems and complaints, and delivered user-friendly design. I liked how Synapse Team and their people behaved.



CEO, Software Company

All members of Synapse team who worked on our project had a strong level of English, so communication was not a problem and communication was set up smoothly and easily and really quick.


Viktoriia Serhiienko

Business Development Manager, Wop Lab

Their speed and their ability to take an idea into a working product impressed us. Synapse Team establishes a collaborative partnership, participating in feedback cycles. The team provides high-quality results in a timely fashion.


Michael Coyne

Director, Budgetnet

They are a young and dynamic team. Synapse Team has a robust understanding of business analysis and workflow management. They're communicative, driven, and professional.


Martin, United Kingdom

Director, Evolve Resorts


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