Food Ordering Platform

Are you looking for an offshore development team to create a food ordering platform? Let’s take a closer look at the case study of Synapse Team.
Online food ordering platforms have been very popular for many years. This explains the fact that it is so vital for businesses from this niche to maintain their competitiveness by offering their target audience a full-featured web solution that would be able to provide an advanced user experience. That’s why our client decided to resort to our back end and front end development service. Let’s find out how we coped with the task.

Food Ordering Platform - Synapse Team

Project Objective of Food Ordering Platform

At the time of contacting our software development offshore company, the client already had a working platform for ordering food, the functionality of which was aimed at automating work processes within the company. Also, this software solution has the feature of sending one meal to Africa as a charity (from each paid order). The platform was already popular and served over 80,000 customers per month.

Along with this, being created in 2015, it has become somewhat outdated:

  • its design had to be redesign and needed some improvements in user flow;
  • frontend had to be transferred to a newer version of Angular;
  • the program code wasn’t fully covered by unit tests;
  • the client’s internal team didn’t cope with new workloads and needed to be expanded.

All these shortcomings affected the client to choose us among other front end development companies and get high-quality IT outstaffing services to upgrade both the technical part of the platform, closed from the eyes of end users and its interface.

Background and Problem Statement

The main goal of the client contacting our IT outstaffing company was to rebrand all their front end and back end development projects through our web development services. After a detailed analysis of the codebase, we realized that, along with the design update, we would need to modernize the frontend.

In addition, the client did not have enough human resources to carry out the plan of updates. At the same time, the client’s in-office dedicated development team had to be expanded not just with independent software engineers but with specialists who, regardless of their location, could synchronize with it and adopt its approaches to software development and design.

Finally, our offshore software development experts found that the client's internal team did not have a well-established testing process, and certain parts of the platform were not covered by unit tests. This negatively affected the speed of launching updates, so this aspect also required optimization.

Synapse Team

The Technologies That Our Team Used in the Development

After a thorough analysis of the current work processes within the in-office development team of the client and an assessment of the software solution we had to work with, our web development agency chose the following technical stack:

for the front-end development services:

Synapse Team

Angular 10

Synapse Team


Synapse Team


Synapse Team


for the back end development services:

Synapse Team


Synapse Team


Technical Solutions Offered By Our Company

Because the frontend of the existing client solution was outdated, our front end web development experts decided to upgrade the version of Angular to Angular 10. Thus, we achieved a higher application loading speed and, in particular, the response of the interface to user actions.

Also, together with the client’s internal front end and back end software development team, our outstaffing company improved the testing processes, covering 85% of the application with unit tests and thereby reducing the time spent on checking new solutions and manual testing.

Organizational Work in Development

Two weeks after the first contact with the client and agreement on the requirements for updating the platform, our offshore software development company joined two of our front-end developers to the internal Scrum team of the client, which was responsible for the redesign.

Also, together with the client’s UX/UI specialists, we optimized the interface components that needed it and conducted A/B testing to choose and implement the best solution.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

Thanks to our productive collaboration, the client's extended dedicated team completed the food ordering platform upgrade within the time frame specified by the client. At the same time, our offshore development experts proposed and implemented additional optimizations that improved the user experience and simplified the development and deployment of further project updates.

As a result, from the first days after the launch of the updated version of the platform, the conversion rates on it increased significantly, and users began to notice an improved interaction experience due to the acceleration of the interface and smoother transitions between screens. All these optimizations made by our dedicated software development team led to the client receiving an investment round of $70 million.

Synapse Team
Synapse Team
95% 65% 99% 90% 85% 95% 75% 90% 80% 70%

of our developers have 3+ years of experience.

of our developers are Full-Stack experts.

staff engage in monthly training.

of projects start within two weeks.

clients choose our dedicated team model.

completion rate within deadlines.

Over of our projects use latest technologies.

We boosted of our clients' in-house capabilities.

of our clients engage on multi-year contracts.

of new clients come through referrals.

of new clients come through referrals.

Synapse Team was hired to augment a software development company's internal development team. We're impressed with their ability to understand our needs and choose the right developer for our project.


Serhii Soroka

Partnerships Manager

We had really good cooperation with their team. The team was highly responsive, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor's attention to detail and personal approach.


Clearwater, Florida

CEO, Software Development Company

Synapse Team's engineers seamlessly acquainted with the whole project team and delivered efficient solutions, enabling the company to release their products on time.


Petro Samoshkin

CEO, AdvantiSS

Synapse Team made the platform more stable — they increased uptime, reduced problems and complaints, and delivered user-friendly design. I liked how Synapse Team and their people behaved.



CEO, Software Company

All members of Synapse team who worked on our project had a strong level of English, so communication was not a problem and communication was set up smoothly and easily and really quick.


Viktoriia Serhiienko

Business Development Manager, Wop Lab

Their speed and their ability to take an idea into a working product impressed us. Synapse Team establishes a collaborative partnership, participating in feedback cycles. The team provides high-quality results in a timely fashion.


Michael Coyne

Director, Budgetnet

They are a young and dynamic team. Synapse Team has a robust understanding of business analysis and workflow management. They're communicative, driven, and professional.


Martin, United Kingdom

Director, Evolve Resorts


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