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Synapse Team - a proficient web development services agency. Our company delivers high-quality solutions at an affordable cost. Hire specialists from Synapse Team agency to create an affordable, efficient web solution for your business.

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Web Development Services

Synapse Team has provided effective and compelling online solutions for top businesses in various industries for many years. Build a fast-loading website, an e-commerce platform, or a web app by utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience. We offer thorough web development services with visible results and a transparent development cycle.

Web Development Services Synapse Team Provide


Web application development

We provide full-cycle web application development services, including everything from design to integration and continuous maintenance. We create web apps that are quick, secure, and compatible with all platforms and devices.


E-commerce web development

Create an online business with the appropriate modules, dependable connectivity with your other business processes, and a user-friendly experience. We can create a full-scale e-commerce platform for your business to prosper.


Custom web development

Create a unique business solution from scratch. No matter the size or complexity of the project, you can establish cross-platform solutions with our extensive custom web development services.

Technologies we are working with

Our web developers are familiar and experienced with all tools and technologies required to build a well-functioning, stable, and secure web platform or application:

Benefits of Hiring a Web Development Team

Synapse Team

First of all, hiring web development companies will save you from the burden of sacrificing your time – while developers work on your web project, you can focus on more relevant administrative tasks.

Synapse Team

You must make sure your website or web application is compatible with all browsers and systems if your company serves clients worldwide – only an experienced web development team can ensure that.

Synapse Team

Most of all, we can provide you with a full range of web development services ‒ from team assembling to web project’s continuous maintenance. Synapse Team experts work with all in-demand frameworks, handle back-end and front-end development, and perform quality assurance testing. You need all of these to have an efficient website that serves your business goals.

Synapse Team

Improved compatibility is another benefit of web development. People visit websites from different browsers and devices — this means every website visitor needs the website to remain user-friendly regardless of the type of browser and screen resolution.

Synapse Team

Hiring Synapse Team talents for web development services will incredibly benefit your business regardless of the project’s complexity.

Synapse Team

By hiring experts, you can verify that your website is compatible with all major browsers and devices.

The benefits of working with a professional web development team include but not are limited to:

  • Saving your time for major business processes
  • Receiving a full range of web development services ‒ from a scratch to a full-fledged website or web application
  • Having a reliable web development team that’s ready to implement your ideas under set deadlines
  • Improving website or web app’s usability and user experience
  • Optimization of your web project’s functioning, making it more efficient as your business tool

Our Web Development Process


The meetup

Our professionals transform your company needs into technical tasks for your online solution. To establish fundamental design points, we also assemble the team's designers. The project's foundation is laid out at this phase, preparing the team for the next one.


The development

Our software developers use the most relevant tools and technologies to build your web solution. Synapse Team employs efficient management and overview techniques so that you may examine the outcomes following each significant milestone.


Support and maintenance

Following the launch of your online solution, we carry out ongoing server monitoring, assign team members for different problem fixes, and offer general customer support.

How much does a Web Development Cost?

The cost is calculated individually based on the number of professionals working on the project, the complexity of the web solution, and the cooperation model of your choice.


How to start Web development with Synapse Team?

Ready to launch your new successful website, platform, or web application? Start in three simple steps:

  • 01
    Fill out the request form, briefly describing your project idea and adding contact info.
  • 02
    Receive the call from our manager.
  • 03
    Tell us more about your project, and discover the first estimate.

Why Choose Synapse Team?

We have been providing web development services for a long time, we've made our development process simple and efficient, allowing for the prompt delivery of your web solution. We have you covered, from thorough review and requirements collection to ensuring your online solution functions correctly after deployment.

Websites frequently need to be updated with bug fixes or new features to keep up with the ever-changing client demand and to meet their requests. We can do this for you ‒ a part of our team will keep up with the updates and ensure the website functions properly. You can order this service after the website is deployed.

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95% 65% 99% 90% 85% 95% 75% 90% 80% 70%

of our developers have 3+ years of experience.

of our developers are Full-Stack experts.

staff engage in monthly training.

of projects start within two weeks.

clients choose our dedicated team model.

completion rate within deadlines.

Over of our projects use latest technologies.

We boosted of our clients' in-house capabilities.

of our clients engage on multi-year contracts.

of new clients come through referrals.

of new clients come through referrals.

Synapse Team was hired to augment a software development company's internal development team. We're impressed with their ability to understand our needs and choose the right developer for our project.


Serhii Soroka

Partnerships Manager

We had really good cooperation with their team. The team was highly responsive, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor's attention to detail and personal approach.


Clearwater, Florida

CEO, Software Development Company

Synapse Team's engineers seamlessly acquainted with the whole project team and delivered efficient solutions, enabling the company to release their products on time.


Petro Samoshkin

CEO, AdvantiSS

Synapse Team made the platform more stable — they increased uptime, reduced problems and complaints, and delivered user-friendly design. I liked how Synapse Team and their people behaved.



CEO, Software Company

All members of Synapse team who worked on our project had a strong level of English, so communication was not a problem and communication was set up smoothly and easily and really quick.


Viktoriia Serhiienko

Business Development Manager, Wop Lab

Their speed and their ability to take an idea into a working product impressed us. Synapse Team establishes a collaborative partnership, participating in feedback cycles. The team provides high-quality results in a timely fashion.


Michael Coyne

Director, Budgetnet

They are a young and dynamic team. Synapse Team has a robust understanding of business analysis and workflow management. They're communicative, driven, and professional.


Martin, United Kingdom

Director, Evolve Resorts

Frequently Asked Questions

Web development combines back-end web engineering with website design. The creation of a website or web application is the traditional objective of web development. Following that, hundreds or even thousands of web pages are updated thanks to code that is integrated into the website's core architecture.

E-commerce web development refers to the process of executing the building plan for the front-end and back-end parts of your e-commerce platform. This applies to all of your product pages, checkout pages, purchase requests, and customer support pages.

A website needs routine maintenance to preserve its adaptability and efficiency. An effective maintenance strategy can aid in securing your website, attracting new customers, increasing traffic, and more.

Since it aids in attaining continuous growth while keeping your business engaged, we can certainly assist you with suitable and efficient website maintenance after development and integration.

It all depends on the complexity of the project. Simple landing pages that require only a few experts to be involved in the development can be ready in two weeks. However, bigger projects like online stores, web portals, and sophisticated web applications, can take months to be developed ‒ depending on the number of experts involved and the volume of tasks.


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