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Choose Synapse as your PHP web development company. We provide custom services as a top-tier agency among web development companies. Feel free to contact experts from our company to discuss your business idea and estimate the budget.

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PHP Web Development Services

Do you consider PHP web development as the backbone of your project? In that case, Synapse Team is at your service. Today, the talent pool in our PHP development company includes 50+ IT experts. Our portfolio comprises 75+ successfully implemented projects. We will select a dedicated team to share your business goals and vision so that the final result exceeds all your expectations.

The independent web resource W3Techs claims that PHP is currently used by about 77.5% of all websites worldwide. Digital giants like Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Etsy, and WordPress prefer this programming language. That’s why our agency has chosen PHP development as one of our primary business activities since 2018. Contact us right now, and we will discuss the details of our cooperation.

Why Should You Choose PHP Development?

For many years, PHP has been the most popular programming language in the world. Here's why its development services are in high demand.

Synapse Team

It is an open source language

This characteristic makes web development with PHP attractive from the point of view of economic efficiency, as it allows project owners not to pay for a license for its use.

Synapse Team

It speeds up the launch of projects

PHP was initially optimized for fast development thanks to features like GET and POST requests and working with HTML and URLs. This helps speed up the development process significantly.

Synapse Team

Most hosting providers support it

PHP is very popular among hosting providers. What's more, hosting packages often offer its support for free. This opens up more opportunities for owners of PHP solutions to save money.

Synapse Team

It is flexible

PHP supports many frameworks, servers, and databases. Also, it is compatible with all popular operating systems. Thus, it is often used to create cross-platform solutions.

Synapse Team

It is highly scalable

Web development in PHP is simple and clean. Thanks to this, developers can build and maintain scalable IT projects with any number of web pages and settings.

Our PHP Development Services

PHP is not only about website development. Find out what types of services our web development PHP experts provide.


PHP Microservices

PHP microservices are the optimizations needed to speed up software delivery. They arose from the joint efforts of world-famous companies such as Netflix and Amazon. With their implementation, you will get the most for your IT infrastructure.


Custom PHP Sites

We use PHP for the server side of custom web projects. Thus, we guarantee their scalability, reliability, and high performance. As a result, you get a top-notch website at an affordable cost.


eCommerce PHP Solutions

Launch your advanced eCommerce solution with unlimited scalability as a bonus. We will integrate it with popular payment services like Paypal or Stripe so your customers can purchase within the system.


CMS Development

Our company will build a custom CMS for your web project to cover all your business and technological requirements. We will use PHP as the basis for this, giving your software the flexibility you want.


API Integration

To maximize its capabilities, we will integrate your PHP-based web solution with third-party services like Google Analytics, Stripe, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Twilio, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.


Progressive Web Sites

Choose a PHP programming language as the basis for your progressive website (PWA). In this way, you will ensure the greatest performance for your project, enabling it to interact with the end users even offline.


Cloud Solutions

PHP is a highly scalable programming language. Thus, it is ideal for developing cloud-based solutions with specific requirements for performance and integration with existing cloud services.


Social Networking Solutions

Bring your business idea to life to compete with popular social networks. Our team will make the most of what PHP offers, ensuring your target audience gets a cutting-edge user experience.


Custom Web Portals

Create a web portal from scratch that will be the perfect embodiment of your business goals. In turn, opting for PHP language will help you make it high-performance and cost-effective to develop and support.


PHP Design Patterns

We use one of the advanced approaches to writing code for scalable projects – PHP design patterns. This significantly optimizes its structure and improves readability. These are critical factors for further rework.


Multiple Framework

We can use several PHP frameworks for your project simultaneously to give it the best each of them can. The result of our work will be a cutting-edge solution with good potential for market leadership.


Secure Web Sites

PHP is used for the backend of almost every website. This determines its rapid development and improvement of its security features. In particular, PHP for web development helps to avoid common threats such as cross-site requests and data forgery, as well as SQL injection.


Scalable Applications

PHP is highly scalable due to its simple syntax. It is also compatible with frameworks like Symfony, Codeigniter, and CakePHP. As a result, this programming language is one of the best for creating long-lived projects.


Third-party Integrations

PHP has built-in support for interacting with each existing API type for third-party integration. Whether REST or SOAP, the experts from our PHP web development company will connect the necessary APIs to your project.


Amp Framework

Amp is a non-blocking concurrency framework for asynchronous programming. It simplifies and speeds up the development process. Thus, we can write asynchronous code without any callbacks.

Advantages Of Our PHP Development Services

We guarantee:

Synapse Team

Reliability and transparency

Our clients are always aware of the development process to understand what exactly they are paying for;

Synapse Team

Fruitful cooperation

We thoroughly analyze the client's business niche to create a high-competitive product that will be viable for many years;

Synapse Team

Adherence to individual needs

Our experts constantly interact with project owners to get software that fully meets their business goals and values;

Synapse Team

High quality of the solutions we create

Our company carefully tests the created products to ensure an advanced user experience.

Our PHP Website Development Process

This is how the PHP website development process looks in our company.



Our team analyzes the client's requirements. After that, we compare the client's business idea with existing solutions on the market to create a project that will surpass them all.



Our experts choose the optimal technology stack. It has to cover all the specifications for the future web project with minimal time and financial costs.



We agree on the last details of the project with the client and proceed to development. In particular, we build the architecture, write the program code, and create the design.


Quality Assurance & Testing

As the individual modules of the project are implemented, we test them to ensure that everything works exactly as intended.


Delivering & Supporting

After the final debugging of the entire project, our specialists release it and then, as necessary, fix the problems found and work on updates.

Reasons to Choose Synapse Team as Your PHP Development Company

  • Transparent and effective communication
  • High competitiveness of created solutions
  • Focus on the client’s needs and goals
  • Affordable pricing of services
  • Advanced technology stack
  • Working with projects of various sizes

Hire a Dedicated PHP Team

Do you need a highly-motivated team that constantly improves skills and expands expertise? Choose us, and we will guarantee top quality and cost-effectiveness for your software solution.

team member team member team member team member team member team member team member team member
95% 65% 99% 90% 85% 95% 75% 90% 80% 70%

of our developers have 3+ years of experience.

of our developers are Full-Stack experts.

staff engage in monthly training.

of projects start within two weeks.

clients choose our dedicated team model.

completion rate within deadlines.

Over of our projects use latest technologies.

We boosted of our clients' in-house capabilities.

of our clients engage on multi-year contracts.

of new clients come through referrals.

of new clients come through referrals.

Synapse Team was hired to augment a software development company's internal development team. We're impressed with their ability to understand our needs and choose the right developer for our project.


Serhii Soroka

Partnerships Manager

We had really good cooperation with their team. The team was highly responsive, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor's attention to detail and personal approach.


Clearwater, Florida

CEO, Software Development Company

Synapse Team's engineers seamlessly acquainted with the whole project team and delivered efficient solutions, enabling the company to release their products on time.


Petro Samoshkin

CEO, AdvantiSS

Synapse Team made the platform more stable — they increased uptime, reduced problems and complaints, and delivered user-friendly design. I liked how Synapse Team and their people behaved.



CEO, Software Company

All members of Synapse team who worked on our project had a strong level of English, so communication was not a problem and communication was set up smoothly and easily and really quick.


Viktoriia Serhiienko

Business Development Manager, Wop Lab

Their speed and their ability to take an idea into a working product impressed us. Synapse Team establishes a collaborative partnership, participating in feedback cycles. The team provides high-quality results in a timely fashion.


Michael Coyne

Director, Budgetnet

They are a young and dynamic team. Synapse Team has a robust understanding of business analysis and workflow management. They're communicative, driven, and professional.


Martin, United Kingdom

Director, Evolve Resorts

Frequently Asked Questions

PHP web development implies the creation of dynamic web content. Also, it ensures real-time interaction with databases.

PHP is a popular server-side programming language which is so popular due to its simplicity, speed, and flexibility.

It all depends on the complexity of the website (number of pages, specific functionality, need for custom development, number of integrations with third-party services, etc.). It is better to contact us directly to estimate the budget for your project.

Yes, we do. We use the most modern approaches and tools for web development that allow us to create websites that are friendly for any platform.

We combine manual testing with autotesting to cover all the project’s functionality with tests. Thus, we ensure its quality and full compliance with the specifications.

Choose our custom PHP web development service, and you will get a lot of benefits. They are transparency in workflows and pricing, vast expertise, streamlined development and testing processes, as well as complete alignment of the project with your business values and goals.

The price of web applications directly depends on their complexity. It implies the technology stack, the number of its features and third-party integrations, and changing requirements. Please, feel free to ask our company to estimate the budget for your software solution.


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