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Discover the meaning of staff augmentation with Synapse Team. Elevate your IT services by partnering with our expert talent pool. Learn more about the meaning of staff augmentation and the benefits you will receive by working with us.

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Staff Augmentation Services with Synapse Team


Any project's success depends on having the correct number of team members, that is why it's frequently essential to enlist new team members who best fit the position. 

Staffing services could be the solution as you must use the most outstanding specialists in the field. A powerful team of professional developers is an essential component of business success. But to get the maximum benefit, you need to choose a suitable model of cooperation that would be guaranteed to benefit the business.

If you decide to turn to staff augmentation service, then Synapse Team is the best company to pay attention to. Thanks to extensive experience in this field and a team of experienced developers, we can effectively implement even the most complex projects!

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What Is an IT Staff Augmentation Firm?

IT staff augmentation firm is a team of experts who instantly boost your team's talent. No matter what IT projects you have on your business’ to-do list, you need to leverage the skills of the best experts in the industry. IT staffing services improve the scalability and effectiveness of project development by enabling businesses to quickly discover the ideal candidate for difficult-to-fill or temporary positions.

Synapse Team members are ready to temporarily join your development team, managed by your project manager. The objective is to accomplish objectives with the help of internal team members and outside expertise. Fully equipped with the necessary skills, your project can move 1.5-2 times faster.

By adding Synapse Team experts to your team, you can start and advance your project faster without the commitment of long-term staffing.

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Synapse Team

What Is Project Consulting and When Is It Better to Use It?

Project consultants are IT experts who work with clients to plan and execute projects. They may be hired by individuals or companies that need help with a specific project, but they also commonly work as independent contractors who take on multiple projects at once.

Project consulting is frequently used when a business needs a whole team with the necessary capabilities for a particular project. These groups can be brought in at any point in the process to help establish the project's criteria, scope, and even the resources that will be needed.

Pros and Cons of Staff Augmentation

Like any organizational model, outstaffing has its benefits and limitations. If staff augmentation is the best approach for customers particular needs, it is up to the individual hiring managers and project managers to decide. The following is a list of the drawbacks of staff augmentation:

And now about the cons. Some initiatives need a significant amount of institutional and contextual knowledge. Staff augmentation in these situations results in protracted ramp-up times and unnecessary expenses.

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A project can be swiftly understood and improved by competent expanded employees.

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Like how retail establishments use seasonal workers, they can expand or reduce their personnel.

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Instead of hiring new staff, organizations can use certain skill sets for each project.

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It can even out the ups and downs of a business's journey.

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Staff augmentation can be used as a "trial run" by prospective full-time workers, with the staffing firm taking the loss in the event of a mismatch rather than the business.

What Are the Types of Staff Augmentation Services?

If you are looking for highly skilled IT staff, Synapse Team is the company to look for. Our developers occupy a particular niche in the IT industry. They can create the projects you need to take your business to the next level.

And while your staffing type may vary based on your specific needs, we'll match professionals who are fully aligned with your goals and expectations. A thorough selection process allows us to build top-level teams.

To provide you with the ideal team, we offer the following types of IT staff augmentation:

Traditional Staffing Providers Traditional providers of temporary labor Skill-Based Commodity Non-critical projects where a high level of skill is not required Flexibility Finding highly-skilled talent can be difficult TEKsystem Experis Adecco
Master Vendor Staffing Providers Large-scale staffing programs run by a single vendor Commodity Highly-commo ditized labor needs where low cost and scale are most important Low Cost Scale Highly commoditized, talent quality can be inconsistent Manpower Kelly AeroTek Randstad
Specialized /Boutique, Staffing & Consulting, Firms Smaller firms or agencies that focus on specialized, highly-skilled talent. Skill-Based Highly-Skilled When you need specialized skillsets and highly skilled talent. Quality Generally costly, with high overhead PointB Patina Solutions
Gig Piatforms independent workers Online platforms that provide instant access to independent workers Commodity Skill-Based Task-based needs for more commoditized skillsets Speed Flexibility Large marketplaces make it difficult to distinguish between candidates, talent is generally geographically distributed Upwork
On-Demand Talent Online platforms that provide access to curated, highly-skilled talent Highly-Skilled Highly-skilled talent deployed quickly Speed Flexibility Quality Talent is generally geographically distributed (remote) BTG Toptal
Direct Independent Independent contractors engaged directly by organizations Skill-Based Highly Skilled Needs that can be filled by known professionals Quality Low Overhead Difficult to find reliable individuals, difficult to maintain an active relationship TalentNet Workmarket

Offshore Staff Augmentation Benefits

Offshoring refers to the outsourcing of particular duties to remote employees. While still having some degree of control over the workforce, businesses benefit from cheaper labor prices in other parts of the world. Offshoring has proven quite successful for many businesses and is growing
in acceptance. And it is not unexpected given the numerous benefits it offers the company, some of which are listed below:


Access to more talent

You will be able to employ highly qualified personnel who have the training, experience, and skills required to successfully perform tasks and projects.



If you hire a candidate from a country where the standard of living is not very high, then you can get the best talent at a minimal cost. Apart from this, staff augmentation also reduces the training costs of newly recruited employees.


Reduce business risks

Offshoring enables businesses to cut costs while accomplishing the same objectives as conventional employment techniques. Mid-sized companies that cannot invest in a thorough hiring procedure benefit from this.


Modern skills and experience

Offshoring can be advantageous if you require certified developers who are educated in the most recent technologies and conversant with current industry trends and processes. Additionally, you'll get access to tools for speeding up development by analyzing the performance and quality of your code.

Synapse Team: Your IT Staffing Solution

Staff augmentation from Synapse Team offers a variety of advantages. When you use our IT staffing services, your company gains access to an abundance of experience and expertise. Our primary goal is to provide our knowledge on time and on budget.

Passion and experience enable us to provide high-quality solutions, from the creation of unique web and mobile applications to a whole cycle development process that aids in the accomplishment of all current and future client business goals.

We are well conscious of the fact that our support helps keep our clients' businesses extremely competitive by implementing best practices for digital strategies. Trust us, and we'll match you with dedicated engineers and software developers to complete your project and achieve your business goals.

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