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Meet the case study: the creation of an online travel booking website from scratch by Synapse Team, an offshore company that provides software development services for businesses of any size and direction.

Online Travel Booking Website - Synapse Team

Online Travel Booking Website: Case

Websites for online booking become more and more popular every year. This also applies to the tourism industry: its representatives try to launch progressive digital solutions, updating them regularly with trending technologies to make the customer experience even better than offline. 

In particular, we were approached by a client, a travel operator, who decided to update such a website which:

  • had insufficient loading speed
  • required additional functionality
  • needed to improve the overall user experience

Let’s find out how our software development offshore company helped this client.

Project Objective of Online Travel Booking Website

Due to the global digitalization of the service sector, more and more companies try to transfer at least part of their services to the online plane, regardless of the direction in which they operate. This happened to our client, a travel operator, who decided to make the interaction with customers more convenient, high-quality, and accessible 24/7.

All these measures were to ensure the long-term competitiveness of the client's business, so optimization of the existing platform had to be aimed at this. At the same time, the client did not want to expand an in-office development team and thus, decided to choose Synapse Team among the other front end development companies as a trusted and reliable digital partner.

Background and Problem Statement

The client already had an operating website for online booking. Its target audience is high-net-worth customers, so it was critical to provide them with first-class service in the online environment. Against the background of competitors, the client's website at some point became not good enough, and therefore needed to be optimized as soon as possible so as not to lose its customers.

When the client contacted Synapse Team to get high-quality IT outstaffing services for front end and back end development projects, the customer base consisted of hundreds of thousands of Europeans, most of whom lived in Germany.

As for the task assigned to our offshore software development company, we had to:

  • modernize the existing functionality of the website to increase the number of sales
  • make it more convenient for development updates
  • improve its performance
  • provide instant scalability for a growing number of customers
  • provide technical support and further updates at the request of the client

Synapse Team

Technologies That Our Team Used in the Development

After a detailed analysis of the client's requirements and an assessment of the long-term prospects for the further development of the client's company, we settled on the following technology stack to provide a first-class back end and front end development service:

for the front-end web development services:

Synapse Team

React (18th version)

Synapse Team

React Router 6

Synapse Team


Synapse Team


Synapse Team

Motion js

Synapse Team

Chakra UI

Synapse Team


Synapse Team


for the back-end development services:

Synapse Team


Synapse Team


Synapse Team


Synapse Team


Synapse Team


Synapse Team


Synapse Team


Technical Solutions Offered by Our Company

Our web development services had to solve the following client problems that were typical for the old version of the booking website:


its front end was based on an outdated version of Angular which support was supposed to expire in three months


the booking process took about three minutes and had to be shortened; there was a limited choice of payment methods


it has insufficiently good UI/UX, which negatively affected the conversion rates of the website


the in-office team did not have the opportunity to conduct high-quality A/B testing for website updates

Considering that all these problems significantly reduce the competitiveness of the platform, we needed to radically revise the technologies and architecture that form the previous version of the client’s website. 


Thus, our web development agency was faced with a global task: to transfer the website to a new platform that would facilitate its regular updates and at the same time provide an unsurpassed user experience through interactivity. We decided not to upgrade the Angular version and instead settled on React, an advanced front-end development engine which is well-known for building high-performance, responsive web solutions with dynamically updated content. 


Also, as part of our back end software development services, our dedicated team hosted the website on cloud servers. This allowed us to prepare it for a possible increase in the number of visitors.

Organizational Work in Development

Our dedicated development team adhered to the Agile methodology during the offshore software development process and divided the project into small sprints of no longer than 10 days.

As a result, we could adapt to new client’s requirements that arose during our cooperation.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

As a result of cooperation with our IT outstaffing company, the client received an updated website based on a new, high-performance front end engine. In particular, we migrated the old website version from Angular to React, providing a more immersive and intuitive interface that positively impacted the overall user experience. Also, our dedicated software development team conducted A/B testing to ensure that it will be prone to further updates.

As for changes that positively affected user behavior indirectly, our outstaffing company optimized a sales funnel, reducing the average time to buy a ticket for an event from three to one minute. Therefore, after the deployment of the new version of the website, its conversion rates increased to 10%.

The client also got the opportunity to continue working with our offshore development team to update and maintain the website as needed.

Synapse Team
Synapse Team
95% 65% 99% 90% 85% 95% 75% 90% 80% 70%

of our developers have 3+ years of experience.

of our developers are Full-Stack experts.

staff engage in monthly training.

of projects start within two weeks.

clients choose our dedicated team model.

completion rate within deadlines.

Over of our projects use latest technologies.

We boosted of our clients' in-house capabilities.

of our clients engage on multi-year contracts.

of new clients come through referrals.

of new clients come through referrals.

Synapse Team was hired to augment a software development company's internal development team. We're impressed with their ability to understand our needs and choose the right developer for our project.


Serhii Soroka

Partnerships Manager

We had really good cooperation with their team. The team was highly responsive, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor's attention to detail and personal approach.


Clearwater, Florida

CEO, Software Development Company

Synapse Team's engineers seamlessly acquainted with the whole project team and delivered efficient solutions, enabling the company to release their products on time.


Petro Samoshkin

CEO, AdvantiSS

Synapse Team made the platform more stable — they increased uptime, reduced problems and complaints, and delivered user-friendly design. I liked how Synapse Team and their people behaved.



CEO, Software Company

All members of Synapse team who worked on our project had a strong level of English, so communication was not a problem and communication was set up smoothly and easily and really quick.


Viktoriia Serhiienko

Business Development Manager, Wop Lab

Their speed and their ability to take an idea into a working product impressed us. Synapse Team establishes a collaborative partnership, participating in feedback cycles. The team provides high-quality results in a timely fashion.


Michael Coyne

Director, Budgetnet

They are a young and dynamic team. Synapse Team has a robust understanding of business analysis and workflow management. They're communicative, driven, and professional.


Martin, United Kingdom

Director, Evolve Resorts


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