WordPress development how to bypass the excerpts?


Working With WordPress Excerpts

WordPress extracts are essentially brief summaries of your blog or web content. However, if you prefer to bypass the excerpts, there are a few options available.

1. Display Full Content in WordPress Feed

In your WordPress dashboard, you can navigate to ‘Settings > Reading’ and select the ‘Full text’ option in the ‘For each article in a feed, show’ field. This will allow your full content to be shown over your feed instead of the excerpt.

2. Modify the theme files

Another method is to edit the theme files directly; specifically, files such as the ‘content.php’, ‘archive.php’, ‘home.php’, or ‘index.php’. Instead of using the code ‘the_excerpt()’, replace it with ‘the_content()’. Please consider this option only if you’re confident in your abilities to edit theme files, as it can potentially disrupt your website’s design.

Need a WordPress Expert?

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Whether you require comprehensive solutions or simple fixes like bypassing excerpts, our team of experts is equipped and ready to assist you.

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