Why is comments section only on top blog wordpress development or developer?


Positioning of Comments Section in WordPress Blogs

The position of the comments section on a WordPress blog is largely contingent on the design chosen by the website’s developer. While it’s typical to see the comments section located at the bottom of a blog post, this setup isn’t mandatory. Your theme’s details, designer choices, and limitations can result in different locations for your comments sections.In your case, it seems like the comments section is positioned at the top of the blog. This might be due to the specific theme you are using or because of a customization made by the developer designing your website.

How to Improve WordPress Website Design: Synapse Team

Synapse Team has significant experience in WordPress Development Service. Our dedicated team of developers can help you rectify this by either modifying your existing theme or suggesting a new theme that suits your requirements. Our custom WordPress services are designed to improve user engagement and boost SEO performance by ensuring that your website follows the best industry practices. Switching the position of comment sections is only one example of the wide range of customizations we provide to our clients. Whether you need web development, custom software development, or offshore software development service, we are committed to giving you solutions that are both high-quality and cost-effective.With the Synapse Team, you don’t need to worry about website functionality or aesthetics, because we balance both to create an immersive user experience. Our goal is to help you meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.


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