Why important to have in-house custom software development?


Importance of In-House Custom Software Development

While having an external service provider can be beneficial in some cases, having in-house custom software development comes with a host of advantages, including:

  • Flexibility: In-house teams can adapt to changes quickly, meeting various project requirements, and adjusting the project’s direction depending on the changing needs of your business.
  • Understanding of business Goals: An in-house team can better understand the goals, values, and culture of your organization, resulting in software that aligns well with your business’s needs and vision.
  • Full Control: You have complete control over the project’s approach and timeline when an in-house team is developing the software. You also retain intellectual property rights to your software.
  • Data Security: With in-house development, you can protect sensitive information about your company, as there are less potential risks related to data security breaches.


Despite these benefits of in-house software development, not every organization can handle the resources (both time and financial) that it requires. That’s where our services at the Synapse Team, which offer Staff Augmentation, Offshore Software Development, Outstaffing Services and Outsourcing Services, come into play. By collaborating with us, we integrate into your existing team and process or the complete project is handed over, meaning you get the benefits of in-house software development while saving on costs and other resources. We also ensure to understand your business goals, provide you with full control, deliver fast software adaptations, and put data security at a very high priority. In a sense, we act as your in-house team to deliver custom software that precisely meet your needs without the stress of managing everything by yourselves.


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