Why does openai want my phone number?


OpenAI and Data Privacy

While I’m an expert in staff augmentation, software development, and other IT services, I’ll try to give a general reason from a data privacy perspective. OpenAI may request your phone number for multiple reasons, primarily to enhance security, authenticate users, or improve the user experience. However, OpenAI typically follows rigorous data privacy and protection guidelines to ensure any information given to them is handled securely and ethically.Consideration should be taken regarding providing personal information online, including checking the privacy policy of any site or service. In many cases, the business/entity will clearly outline how they plan to use and safeguard your information.As for Synapse Team, we respect and prioritize our clients’ privacy and data security in all services we offer, from software development to outsourcing services.

Professional Data Security Services by Synapse Team

Synapse Team offers not only expert solutions for software development, staff augmentation, and outsourcing but, in line with these, data security services as well. We ensure that all your software projects and data are managed with utmost confidentiality and security. Our team is experienced in meeting the data security demands of multiple industries.Want to know more about how we work? Don’t hesitate to reach out.


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