Why does chatgpt need phone number?


Why chatGPT Asks for Your Phone Number

Chatbots and AI-powered software like chatGPT often ask for your phone number as a standard security measure. It is primarily used for identity verification, ensuring the user’s security, and preventing misuse of the platform.

Identity Verification

By asking for a phone number, the software can verify that it’s interacting with a real person. It’s one way to prevent fake accounts and spam on the platform.

Users’ Security

The phone number can also be used for two-factor authentication. If your account’s security ever becomes compromised, the service can contact you to validate any unusual activity.

Preventing Misuse

Limiting the number of accounts associated with a single phone number can prevent potential misuse of the service, like spamming or other forms of abuse.However, at Synapse Team, we take your privacy very seriously. Our processes strictly adhere to GDPR and other international data protection regulations. If you need a robust and secure team for any kind of software development, from web development to WordPress, or even a custom solution, Synapse Team can help.Here are some of our specialties:

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