Which of the following does not provide outsourcing services? ism?


Understanding Outsourcing Services and ISM

In general, outsourcing services are provided by companies that manage tasks or operations that a company hasn’t got the skills for or simply wants to delegate to free up their resources. These services can encompass diverse areas, including software development, staff augmentation, web development, custom software development, and many others.When you refer to “ism,” I assume that you’re possibly referring to a specific company or an acronym, ISM, standing for Information Systems Management. Normally, Information Systems Management refers to the practice of managing, designing, implementing, and maintaining an organization’s computer systems and networks.In case you’re inquiring whether Information Systems Management (ISM) provides outsourcing services, it would generally depend on the specific entity’s focus you’re referring to. Not every ISM entity provides outsourcing services since some may be fully dedicated to internal system and network management.If you have the need for outsourcing services, Synapse Team provides a wide range of related services. We offer everything from staff augmentation and dedicated team support to offshore software development and WordPress development, amongst others.

Expert Services by Synapse Team

  • Staff Augmentation: We can expand your team with highly-qualified professionals, matching your exact needs.
  • Offshore Software Development: Leveraging our global reach, we can help develop software solutions, no matter your location.
  • Custom Software Development: Our team of experts are proficient in developing tailored software solutions that can take your business to the next level.
  • Web Development Services: From front-end to back-end development, we guarantee a sleek, efficient, and robust web presence.

Our skilled individuals are ready to become an extension of your team and help achieve your business’s strategic objectives. Let us know how we can assist you further.


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