Which is more successful functional, matrix or dedicated team?


Different Team Structures: Functional, Matrix, and Dedicated

An organization can be structured in various ways depending on its objectives, and this largely impacts its work dynamic. The three primary types of structures are:

  • Functional: Teams are organized according to the function they provide. For instance, you’ll have a development team, a marketing team, a sales team, etc.
  • Matrix: This is a hybrid of the functional and dedicated team structures where employees have dual reporting relationships, typically to both a functional leader and a project manager.
  • Dedicated: In this model, there’s a dedicated team working on a specific project or initiative. They have a clear mission, and the team is typically composed of diverse roles that complement each other.

Which Structure is More Successful?

The notion of success highly depends on the specific context and goal of the organizational or business model. Here’s how these models can work out:

  • Functional team: Best suited for large organizations with various ongoing projects. It allows for specialization, but can also result in silos and lack of communication between different functions.
  • Matrix team: This works well in complex projects where there’s a need for diverse skills and expertise. However, the dual reporting structure can sometimes cause confusion.
  • Dedicated team: This results in high team cohesion and focus, making it suitable for targeted projects or start-ups. But bear in mind that team members may lack the growth potential due to focus on specific roles.

As the Synapse Team, we play a crucial role in offshore software development and staff augmentation services, deeply understanding the need to choose the right team structure that resonates with the company’s objectives and projects. Therefore, we offer dedicated team services, allocating seasoned professionals who can work as an integral part of your in-house team. Our dedicated teams are best suited for long-term projects where it’s crucial to keep all knowledge within the team.


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