When did chatgpt come out?


Introduction to ChatGPT

ChatGPT, as a chatbot model, was developed by the AI model lab OpenAI. It was initially introduced in 2019. The development of ChatGPT was based on the GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) model, and through improvements and iterations over time, the latest version, GPT-3, is currently being used today.Should you be interested in integrating chatbots like ChatGPT into your business, the Synapse Team specializes in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver custom software development and various web development services. We can create a bespoke solution for you that effectively utilizes AI-based tools to maximize customer engagement and satisfaction.

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Synapse Team offer a range of services, from full stack development to offshore software development and WordPress development service. We work with highly skilled and specialized developers to create quality, tailored digital solutions to cater to your specific business needs.By integrating AI technologies, like chatbots, into your website or application, you can drastically improve user experience by providing real-time, automated customer support, improving efficiency, and enabling 24/7 availability. Whether you require staff augmentation or are looking to outsource your project entirely, we’re committed to delivering the highest standards of service.Contact us now to discuss how we can help enhance your business through our range of services.


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