What type of supliers are asigned a dedicated team?


Dedicated Team Assignment

At Synapse Team, the allocation of a dedicated team is not restricted to a specific type of client or supplier. We custom-fit our strategies based on individual requirements regardless of your business’s size, sphere, or stage of development.

Which suppliers may require a dedicated team?

However, typically, a dedicated team is often beneficial for:

  • Large scale projects: Those that require substantial workload management, cohesive teamwork, and consistent quality control.
  • Long-term projects: Projects that span months or years, needing stable and dedicated resource allocation for seamless execution.
  • Complex projects: Projects that involve intricate software development requirements, or businesses eager to extend their existing team’s capabilities.
  • Startups and SMEs: Ones that require a versatile team but don’t want to delve into the minutiae of hiring and managing an internal team.

How does Synapse Team come in?

At Synapse Team, we focus our services on offering high-quality, tailored solutions to meet your needs. Our expert team members, specializing in areas such as offshore software development, custom software development, full stack development, web development, and WordPress development services, are well equipped to integrate into your project to exceed your expectations.Whether your needs focus on back-end or front-end web development, or you’re looking to outsource entirely, we’re here to help with our comprehensive staff augmentation, outstaffing, and outsourcing services. Contact us today to find your dedicated team!


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