What should i back up to move my wordpress development site to its live location?


Moving Your WordPress Development Site to a Live Location

Excellent question! When you’re moving your WordPress development site to a live location, it’s crucial that you back up certain aspects to ensure a smooth transition. Here are the elements you need to back up:

  • The WordPress database: This is where all your content (post, pages, comments) and configurations are stored.
  • WordPress core files: These include all the default WordPress files and the wp-config.php file, which is particularly important because it connects WordPress to your database.
  • WordPress themes and plugins: They are critical to the appearance and functionality of your website. Missing a theme or a plugin can cause your website to break.
  • Uploads and media: All the images, videos or any other media that you’ve uploaded through the WordPress admin area live in the wp-content/uploads directory. Missing an image could impact your site’s aesthetics.

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This service is essential for businesses looking to take the stress out of managing their website, whether they be large-scale operations or small start-ups. Get in touch today to see how we can help!


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