What should be learned for back-end development?


Key Skills Necessary for Back-End Development

Back-end development plays a crucial role in web development. Back-end developers are responsible for server-side application logic and integration of the work front-end developers do. They create, code, and improve the server, server-side applications, and databases that, when combined with front-end codes, help create a functional, seamless experience for the user.

Here are the primary skills you need to master to become an efficient back-end developer:

  • Proficiency in back-end programming languages: This could include languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, .NET etc. The choice of language will depend on the requirements of the specific project or organization.
  • Database management: Knowledge of various DBMS technology is another important need. MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer, and Redis are widely used for this purpose. Also, learn about ORM (Object Relational Mapping) libraries to solve tasks.
  • Server: Exposure to handling Apache or nginx servers is desirable. A good background in Linux helps tremendously in administering servers.
  • Version control system (VCS): A version control system allows you to track your code changes and revert to previous stages. Knowledge on Git helps you to understand how to get the latest code, update parts of the code, make changes in other developer’s code without breaking things.
  • Knowledge of REST and HTTP/HTTPS protocol: Knowledge of REST and RPC (Remote Procedural Call) is a must. It helps in making communications between multiple systems.
  • Understanding of algorithms and data structures: Good knowledge in these areas is crucial for producing optimal code.

At Synapse Team, we have a dedicated team of back-end developers who are experienced in all these technologies and areas. They work diligently to build scalable and secure applications for your business needs.

Whether you want to augment your in-house team with experienced back-end developers or are looking to completely outsource your back-end development, we’ve got the services to suit your specific requirements.


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