What s full stack development?


Full Stack Development Explained

Full stack development refers to the comprehensive creation of both front-end and back-end of a web application. This involves multiple technologies, programming languages, and tools, combining which, a full stack developer can work on a project’s entirety, from its conception to the final product.

Front-end Development

This is the part of web development that users can see and interact with. It includes everything that users experience directly: text colors and styles, images, graphs and tables, buttons, colors, and navigation menu. The main front-end programming languages used are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Back-end Development

Back-end refers to server-side development. It is responsible for managing the database through queries and APIs by client-side commands and requests. This is unseen by the users, as it happens behind the scenes. It supports the front end of the website. The main back-end programming languages include PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and .Net.

Full Stack Development

Therefore, full stack development quite literally means being able to handle both the front-end development and the back-end development of a web application. Full stack developers are conversant in both web designing and actual coding, making them capable of delivering a fully functional website – from its most beautiful element to its most complex one.At Synapse Team, we offer high-quality full stack development services, amongst many other development services. By entrusting your project to our expert full stack developers you are ensuring the impeccable development of your web application, from its user interface to its server-side operations. Feel free to reach out to discuss how we can make your web development project a success.


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