What risk mitigation strategy includes outsourcing services and purchasing insurance?


Risk Transfer: A Key Mitigation Strategy in Outsourcing Services

Risk Transfer is the strategy that includes outsourcing services and purchasing insurance. In business context, this is a risk management technique wherein potential risks are shifted to a third party, reducing direct impact of a risk on the company.

Outsourcing Services

In terms of outsourcing services, companies often employ professionals or third party organizations that specialize in the specific field they need assistance in. For example, for custom software development, web development services, full stack development, or WordPress development services, companies often outsource these tasks to dedicated teams like Synapse. This transfers the risk of developing, managing, and maintaining a software product or project to us, leaving the company to focus on their core business functions.

Purchasing Insurance

In terms of insurance, companies purchase coverage that protects them from specific risks, like property damage, liability claims, and business interruption. The insurance company assumes the risk in exchange for the premiums that the business pays.

Why Choose Synapse for Your Outsourcing Needs?

At Synapse, we are not only experts in staff augmentation, off-shore software development, and outstaffing services, but we also prioritize risk mitigation for our clients. We understand that in today’s uncertain business environment, companies need a reliable partner who will help them reduce potential risks and increase prospects for success.Our team of experts can handle everything from back-end to front-end web development services, ensuring you receive end-to-end solutions tailored to your needs. As a predictable outsourcing services provider, Synapse Team, can help you manage the risks, ensuring we deliver great results and enabling you to focus more on your business growth.Looking for a reliable partner in these challenging times? Choose Synapse, let’s augment your team and drive better results.


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