What is the difference between staff augmentation and managed services?


Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services

Staff augmentation and managed services are both effective strategies for enhancing your team’s capabilities, but they work in different ways.

Staff Augmentation

In a staff augmentation model, additional resources are sourced directly into a team to meet project requirements. This approach offers flexibility, as team sizes can be adjusted depending on current needs and demand. Staff augmentation is an excellent choice when you need specific skills on a temporary basis, or when there’s a need to rapidly scale the team up or down.Here are the main features of staff augmentation:

  • Greater control over the team
  • Flexibility in scaling project resources up or down
  • Seamless integration with an in-house team
  • Cost savings due to the lack of long-term commitments

Managed Services

On the other hand, managed services involve outsourcing entire processes or services to a third-party company. The service provider takes on full responsibility for the day-to-day operation and management of these services. Managed services are usually a good fit for companies that wish to completely outsource a specific function that is not core to their business.Key points about managed services include:

  • Full-scale operation management
  • Long-term partnerships with service providers
  • Fixed monthly fees for services
  • Limited control over the team

At Synapse Team, both models are available to our clients. We can provide skilled resources for short-term projects through our staff augmentation services, or take over responsibility of entire processes with our managed services offering. This gives our clients the flexibility to choose the model that best suits their needs. We have an experienced team of software developers who specialize in web development, custom software development, full stack development, and much more. Whether it’s augmenting your current team or managing your entire project, Synapse Team is ready to assist.


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