What is staff augmentation model?


Understanding the Staff Augmentation Model

Staff augmentation model is a strategy in which an organization integrates external IT experts from a partnering agency into an existing in-house team for a temporary or long-term project, to meet the specific business objectives. Essentially, this flexible model helps in filling the skills gap while maintaining full control over the current team and workflow. This approach is preferred when quick onboarding and short-term technical expertise are required.

So, staff augmentation is a perfect way to supplement your core team with the necessary skill set, without the need to spend time and money on recruiting new full-time members.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation Model

  • Cost Efficiency: You pay only for the services you need and use, without additional expenses such as recruitment, onboarding, benefits and others.
  • Flexibility: It easily accommodates for fluctuating workloads as you can quickly add or remove resources based on project requirements.
  • Access to Global Talent: It improves ability to tap into global knowledge and skills that will not be available in the restriction of a local geographical area.
  • Reduced Risk: The responsibility of employment-related risks is borne by the augmentation partner.

At Synapse Team, we deliver premium Staff Augmentation services tailored to meet your business needs. Whether you need a single developer or a dedicated team, we’re here to help you achieve your project goals with our versatile talent pool. Plus, we offer a flexible cooperative model, meaning you can adjust your team composition as your project evolves.


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