What is staff augmentation meaning?


What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a strategy that businesses employ to fill critical skill gaps within their teams. It involves hiring highly specialized staff on a contract basis from an external company, who then work as part of the internal team on a project or a specific role for a predetermined period of time. In this model, a company is able to keep its core full-time staff small while gaining access to expert resources as needed.In simpler terms, staff augmentation means ‘boosting’ your current staff with additional, external professionals who have specific skill sets or expertise that your project requires.

The Advantages of Staff Augmentation

  • Flexibility and Agility: With staffing augmentation, businesses can quickly adapt to workload fluctuations, project requirements and tight deadlines.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Staff augmentation model allows companies to minimize costs associated with hiring, training, and maintaining full-time staff, especially when the need for a particular skillset is temporary.
  • Access to Expertise: Businesses have the advantage of accessing professionals who are experts in their field, ensuring top-notch quality for specific project needs.

At Synapse Team, we offer flexible, scalable and high-quality staff augmentation services that can help you accelerate your project execution and successfully achieve your business goals. Whether you need one specialised skill set or a team of experts, we can augment your team with the right talent to fill the skill gaps in your project.


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