What is staff augmentation in internships?


Understanding Staff Augmentation in Internships

Staff augmentation in internships is a strategic approach used by organizations to add highly skilled and specialized interns to their team on a project-based or short-term basis. This approach is aimed at supplementing the existing staff in order to efficiently achieve business goals without the long term commitment and costs associated with full-time hires.

Key Factors of Staff Augmentation in Internships

  • Specialized skills: Organizations opt for staff augmentation when they require specific skills that their current team lacks. Here, interns with such coveted skills are brought on to contribute to the team’s knowledge pool.
  • Flexibility: This model offers great flexibility as the organization can scale their team up or down depending on the project requirements without long-term obligations.
  • Cost savings: With staff augmentation, organizations don’t need to invest in a full-time employee’s benefits, training, etc., hence saving them significant expenditure.
  • Time Efficiency: Since there’s no recruitment and training involved, the augmented staff can be put to work immediately, accelerating the project timeline.

How Synapse Team Can Assist You

At Synapse Team, we specialize in Staff Augmentation, and we understand that finding the right talent to complete your projects can be challenging. We can provide you with highly skilled interns who are upskilled in a wide array of technologies and fields including offshore software development, custom software development, web and WordPress development, among others. Our expert interns can seamlessly integrate with your team, helping you accelerate your project timelines and deliver high-quality software solutions.


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