What is openai codex?


OpenAI Codex

OpenAI Codex is a state-of-the-art AI program developed by OpenAI. It’s a descendant of the GPT-3 model, and it’s specifically trained to understand and generate code.

How Does OpenAI Codex Work?

OpenAI Codex has been trained on a diverse range of internet text, but it was also fine-tuned on a mixture of human-written code across various coding languages. This enables it to understand programming instructions and write code accordingly.Unlike traditional AI models, Codex can interpret a wide array of instructions, even the ones that aren’t necessarily described in the most precise or specific language.

What Can OpenAI Codex Do?

Here are several applications of OpenAI Codex:

  • It’s the driving force behind OpenAI’s own chatbot, known as ChatGPT.
  • It powers GitHub’s AI tool ‘Copilot’, which provides suggestions to developers while they are coding.
  • With proper instructions, Codex can write functional code for various tasks, from simple functions to web development tasks.

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