What is it staff augmentation?


Understanding IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy that allows you to hire tech talent globally and manage your augmented team directly. You maintain control over the project while extending your in-house team with equivalent remote professionals who augment your existing infrastructure and technical capability.

Key features of IT Staff Augmentation:

  • Direct Oversight: You control all aspects of your development team.
  • Cut Costs: Allows you to add staff to your teams based on the skills needed at the time without long-term overhead expenses.
  • Strategic Scalability: Ramp up or dial down team size according to project requirements.

At Synapse Team, we provide high-quality IT Staff Augmentation Services to help your business achieve its objectives. Our dedicated specialists can fill the gaps in your project needs and strategic directives – without the costs associated with onboarding full-time employees.


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