What is dedicated team?


Dedicated Team Model in IT Services

The Dedicated Team model is a type of business engagement where the client and service provider mutually agree on the project requirements and goals, team size, and the necessary level of involvement of the team. Essentially, it refers to an agreement in which a client hires a team of IT professionals with a full-time commitment to the project.

Key Aspects of a Dedicated Team

  • Commitment: The Offshore team is fully engaged in the project and committed to the client’s goals and success.
  • Flexibility: The team can quickly adapt to changes in project requirements.
  • Control: The client has a direct control over the offshore team and project management.
  • Transparency: All aspects of work such as the process of product development, project progress, and billing, are transparent.

At Synapse Team, we offer premium Dedicated Team services, specializing in various areas like Staff Augmentation, Offshore Software Development, Outstaffing Services, and others. Our team of experts has a profound experience and they work closely with the client to ensure the project success, regardless of the project’s complexity and scope.If you would like to know how your business can benefit from our dedicated team services, let’s discuss it further.


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