What is capgemini outsourcing services?


Understanding Capgemini Outsourcing Services

Capgemini is a well-known global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation. They offer a wide range of services, including outsourcing services which essentially means that they take over the management of a part of their client’s functions or systems. Capgemini Outsourcing Services typically includes

  • Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Management of infrastructures, applications and business processes
  • Professional Services

Synapse Team’s Approach to Outsourcing

At Synapse Team, we strive to offer a somewhat similar, and at times more personalized, outsourcing solution. Our focus is not just on taking over but empowering your business by providing highly dedicated teams which will work closely with your in-house team. Our services span not just outsourcing, but also cover Staff Augmentation, Offshore Software Development, Outstaffing Services, Custom Software Development, and Web Development Services among others. We have a broad base of expertise in Back-end Development Services, Front-end Web Development Services, Full Stack Development, and WordPress Development Services. Our dedicated team of professionals work round-the-clock to deliver the highest quality of work, ensuring your business operates seamlessly and continues to grow.

Let’s Achieve Success Together

By choosing Synapse Team, you receive a dedicate team of professionals well-versed in the latest technologies, consistent high-quality work, cost-effective solutions, and above all, a team that is truly part of yours. So why not enhance your business with the proven solutions we offer? Let’s make the journey to success together.


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