What is accesbility in wordpress development?


What is Accessibility in WordPress Development?

Accessibility in WordPress development refers to making your websites usable by as many people as possible. It’s about creating sites and web content that can be accessed, interpreted, navigated, and interacted with, regardless of a person’s disabilities, location, type of device, or the speed of their internet connection.

Elements of Accessibility in WordPress Development:

  • Keyboard Navigation: This is essential for people with motor disabilities who can’t use a mouse. All functions and content must be accessible via keyboard alone.
  • Text Alternatives for Images: This aids people who are unable to see the images on your site, i.e., visually impaired users.
  • Content Structure: Using appropriate headings, lists, and other structural elements provides cues to users with readability difficulties.
  • Color Contrast: Adequate color contrast between text and background is vital for users with visual impairments.
  • Resizable Text: Users need to have the ability to resize text without any loss of content or functionality.

Proper accessibility is an integral part of all web development processes and it’s a priority in our work at Synapse Team. Our WordPress development service is designed to deliver websites that provide superior user experiences for all visitors. We consider all aspects of accessibility in our projects, ensuring that your business is inclusive and reachable to a wider range of audiences.


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