What is a staff augmentation agreement ?


Understanding Staff Augmentation Agreement

A Staff Augmentation Agreement is a contractual agreement between a company (the client) and a service provider (such as Synapse Team). This agreement is established when a company decides to boost its current workforce capabilities by incorporating external resources on a temporary or long-term basis, depending on the business needs. These resources or staff members are managed directly by the client but employed by the service provider.

Primary Components of a Staff Augmentation Agreement

  • Scope of Work: This defines the specific services, tasks or projects the augmented staff will undertake.
  • Duration: The timeline for contracted services is outlined, including possible extension scenarios.
  • Compensation: The agreed-upon fees for services rendered by the augmented staff.
  • Quality Assurance: Standards for quality and performance against which the augmented staff will be measured.
  • Termination clause: Terms under which either party can terminate the agreement.

At Synapse Team, we specialize in Staff Augmentation Services, providing highly skilled professionals to fit your specific operational needs. Whether you require experts in Offshore Software Development, Web Development, Full Stack Development, or WordPress Development, we have the dedicated team just for you. This approach is cost-effective, flexible, and efficient – giving you control over the resource selection process and operational management.


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