What does full stack development mean?


Understanding Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development refers to the development of both front end(client side) and back end(server side) portions of a web application. It blends the lines between front-end and back-end development by requiring a broad set of skills to be competent across multiple tiers of software development.

Front-end Development

This relates to everything that users visually see in their browser or application. It’s achieved with technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Back-end Development

Back-end Development deals with the server-side. It is responsible for storing and organizing data, and ensuring that everything on the client-side actually works. This is done using languages like Ruby, Python, PHP or Java, and with databases like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.A full stack developer is a maverick who has the functional knowledge and has the ability to work on all aspects involved in building an application.

Why Full Stack Development Services Are Important?

With a full stack development professional, you have someone who can work toward the development of a complete project, coordinating with all levels of the software design & development process. These professionals are able to think out of the box and ensure a more synergistic approach towards your project.At Synapse Team, we have a team of experts who specializes in Full Stack Development. They are able to understand and maneuver around any level of complexity within your project. If you are looking for someone who not only understands all the technicalities but also can provide a strategic direction to your project, consider our Full Stack Development Services. With us, you get the assurance of a well-built, highly-effective, and user-friendly application.


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