What do i need to know for full stack development?


Essential Skills for Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development is a multidisciplinary field and requires knowledge of both front-end and back-end technologies. Here are the essential skills you’ll need:

1. Front-end Technologies

As a Full Stack Developer, it’s necessary to understand the principles of web design and user experience, and this is where front-end technologies come in. These include:

  • HTML/CSS: HTML is the structure of all web pages, and CSS is what makes a page visually pleasing.
  • JavaScript: A vital language for front-end development, it is used to create dynamic and interactive elements on the website.
  • Frameworks/Library: Like React, AngularJS, Vue.js helps in developing more structured web applications.

2. Back-end Technologies

Back-end developers work with servers, databases, and applications. Some vital back-end skills are as follows:

  • Server-side languages: Languages like Python, Ruby, Java, .NET, Node.js helps in server-side scripting.
  • Database Management: Knowledge of databases like MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer is necessary. You should understand how to create, read, update, and delete data from them.
  • Version Control System (VCS): Tools like Git helps to track changes made to the codebase.

3. Development Methodologies

Understanding agile methodologies and DevOps practices is a significant advantage. These helps in designing efficient development lifecycle.

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