What company oversees the commercial side of wordpress development and wordpress.com?


Commercial Aspects of WordPress Development and WordPress.com

The commercial side of WordPress development, as well as WordPress.com, is overseen by a company named Automattic Inc. This company, founded by Matt Mullenweg – one of the initial developers of the WordPress CMS software – contributes to WordPress and manages a variety of WordPress-related services and platforms, including WordPress.com.While WordPress.org is an open-source project, WordPress.com is a commercial entity run by Automattic. It uses the same WordPress software to provide easy-to-use blog and website hosting services.

Need for Professional WordPress Development

Regardless of the overseeing company, utilizing WordPress for your website requires significant technical knowledge for customization and optimization. That’s where professional WordPress Development Services step in. At Synapse Team, we offer expert WordPress developers who create and implement powerful, high-performance WordPress websites tailored to your specific business needs.


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