What classes part of udacity full stack development nanodegree?


Content Overview of Udacity Full Stack Development Nanodegree

The Udacity Full Stack Development Nanodegree includes diversified classes for comprehensively understanding full stack development. Below are some key elements involved:

1. SQL and Data Modeling for Web

In this module, you learn about relational databases, SQL, Python ORM, and how to use these tools to model data and build simple web APIs.

2. API Development and Documentation

You’ll gain advanced skills in API development, learn how to implement token-based authentication and manage user access.

3. Identity Access Management

This module provides an understanding of third-party authentication processes such as OAuth and role-based access control.

4. Server Deployment and Containerization

Here you gain knowledge on Docker, server deployment, and Containerization using Kubernetes.

5. Design, Build and Manage Applications

You will learn how to design applications, build them, and manage their deployment in the final capstone project.
Keep in mind that this is a simplified list, and the actual content can evolve and change as Udacity often updates its curriculum to remain relevant to the current market needs.

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