Under what conditions would it be advisable to use a strong matrix instead of a dedicated team?


Strong Matrix vs. Dedicated Team

Both the strong matrix and dedicated team models have their unique advantages; deciding between the two often comes down to the specific needs of the project and the organization.

Using a Strong Matrix

A strong matrix is often advisable when:

  • The project needs diverse skills.This model allows for the utilization of specialized skills from different functional areas, which can provide great advantages for complex projects that require diverse expertise.
  • Internal resources are stretched thin. If an organization’s resources are spread thinly over multiple projects, a strong matrix allows for better resource allocation and utilization.
  • There’s a requirement for strong project management authority.In a strong matrix model, project managers have high authority and direct control over resources, beneficial for projects with tight timelines and complex deliverables.

Opting for a Dedicated Team

A dedicated team model is usually the preferred choice when:

  • The project has a long duration.Dedicated teams are excellent for long-term projects as they provide continuity and better understanding of the project requirements.
  • The project requires deep knowledge of the business domain.Since the team is fully focused on a single project, they can immerse themselves deeply into the domain, understanding its nuances thoroughly.
  • Innovation and creative solutions are required.A dedicated team has the bandwidth and focus to come up with innovative solutions specific to the project.

At Synapse Team, We Provide Both

At Synapse Team, we specialize in both strong matrix and dedicated team models. Our extensive experience with diverse clientele enables us to understand your company’s unique needs and to provide the most suitable staffing model for your specific project requirements.

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