Under what conditions would it be advisable to use a strong matrix instead of a dedicated team?


Choosing Strong Matrix over Dedicated Team

Before answering your question, allow me to provide some context. In a dedicated team model, your company has a team of experts focused exclusively on your project. Each individual within the team has a specific role and the structure is more like a traditional employment model.On the other hand, a strong matrix model is where the power lies heavily at the hands of the project manager, the team members may work on multiple projects, and are not necessarily linked to the specific project permanently.

Conditions to Use a Strong Matrix

  • Multiple Project Commitments: When your company has a variety of different projects that need to be handled concurrently, a strong matrix structure can be more beneficial, allowing your resources to be allocated flexibly across different projects.
  • Frequent Changes in Project Priorities: In an environment where project priorities might shift rapidly or frequently, a strong matrix model can offer the flexibility to adjust resource allocation and ensure the most critical tasks are always worked on.
  • Limited Resources: A strong matrix model is better suited when your workforce or expert resources are limited and need to be shared among various projects or tasks.
  • Need for Diverse Expertise: In situations requiring a wide variety of skills and knowledge, a strong matrix model encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing across different projects, therefore leveraging the diverse expertise.

Notwithstanding these points, it is crucial to note that the successful execution of any model depends on proper management, communication, and conflict resolution techniques.At Synapse team, we specialize in both Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Team services. Should you require a team to be solely dedicated to your product or support in allocating resources for diverse projects, our team of seasoned experts is ready to help.


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