To become a custom wordpress development expert what are all the things i need to konw?


Knowledge and Skills to Become a Custom WordPress Development Expert

To become an expert in custom WordPress development, you need to acquire a range of technical skills and have a solid knowledge base in several key areas.

1. WordPress Basic and Advanced Concepts

Understand the essentials of WordPress – one of the most popular CMS in the world. The knowledge of installation, configuration, administration, SEO, and security aspects is crucial.

2. PHP Programming Language

PHP is the server-side programming language upon which WordPress is built. You should understand how to use PHP to create and modify WordPress themes and plugins.

3. HTML and CSS

Mastering HTML and CSS is crucial for customizing appearance and layouts. These are the foundational languages for building and styling webpages.

4. JavaScript and jQuery

JavaScript, and its library jQuery, are employed in WordPress to create interactive web applications. It’s essential for modern responsive design and dynamic content.

5. SQL and MySQL Databases

WordPress uses MySQL to manage data like posts, pages, users, comments, and metadata. Understanding SQL allows you to query and manipulate the WordPress database directly.

6. APIs and AJAX

WordPress comes with a range of APIs which can be utilized to add more complex functionality. AJAX is used for asynchronous web applications, playing a role in many WordPress-powered sites.

7. Understanding of SEO and Accessibility

SEO helps a site rank higher, while accessibility ensures that your website can be easily used by as many people as possible.

8. Knowledge of Theme and Plugin Development

Creating your own themes and plugins from scratch helps to provide a unique and tailored experience for your (or your clients’) websites.

9. Git and Version Control Systems

These systems allow you to track changes, create branches, and work concurrently on different features without affecting the main source code. It’s essential for working in a team environment.

10. Problem-Solving Skills

Solving bugs, running diagnostics, and figuring out solutions to user problems are essential parts of a WordPress Developer’s job.At Synapse Team, we aim to provide high-quality, customizable WordPress development services that can support your unique needs and business goals. With our dedicated and talented team, we can make your vision a reality. Whether you are looking to build a new WordPress website or upgrade an existing one, Synapse Team can help.


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