How to use jira for custom software development?


Using JIRA for Custom Software Development

JIRA is a very flexible tool that’s deeply customizable, it is ideal for managing custom software development projects. Here are the steps to use JIRA for your custom software development:

1. Project Creation

  • Start by creating a new project in JIRA. Assign a unique name and key for easy identification.
  • 2. Issue Types

  • You can create different types of issues, such as Story, Task, Bug, and Epic. These can help in categorizing and tracking the development work.
  • 3. Workflow Configuration

  • In JIRA, you can customize the workflow according to your software development process. This includes defining the states a task will go through from the start to finish, for example, To Do, In Progress, In Review, and Done.
  • 4. Sprint Planning

  • Plan your sprints in JIRA by selecting the tasks to be done in the next sprint. You can also estimate the effort required for each task.
  • 5. Track Progress with Boards

  • You can use Scrum or Kanban boards in JIRA to visually track the progress of your project. These boards show the tasks in various states of the workflow.
  • 6. Reporting

  • JIRA provides different types of reports, like the Burndown Chart, Velocity Chart, Sprint Report, etc. These can help in analyzing the team’s performance and project progress.
  • At Synapse Team, we are versed in utilizing agile project management tools like JIRA for our custom software development projects. Our dedicated developers ensure timely delivery of tasks and accurate update of project progress using such tools.Would you be interested in our Custom Software Development service? We can help augment your team with experienced developers to expedite your project progress while effectively utilizing tools like JIRA to ensure a seamless development process.


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