How to use github for wordpress development?


Using GitHub for WordPress Development

At Synapse Team, we recommend utilizing GitHub for WordPress development because it streamlines the development process, promotes team collaboration, and ensures version control. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use GitHub for WordPress development:

Step 1: Set Up a GitHub Account

Create a new GitHub account if you do not have one already. This will be the platform where you can save all your WordPress projects.

Step 2: Install Git

You’ll need to install Git on your local machine. This will allow you to interact with GitHub directly from your local environment.

Step 3: Create a New Repository

On GitHub, create a new repository for your WordPress project. Make sure to initialize the repository with a README file, where you can outline project information.

Step 4: Clone Repository to Your Local Machine

By cloning, you create a local copy of your GitHub repository on your machine. You can now work offline and synchronize your work online later.

Step 5: Make Changes and Commit

Upon making changes to your WordPress files, use Git to track these changes. Once satisfied with your changes, you carry out a commit. This is basically taking a snapshot of your work at that point.

Step 6: Push Changes to GitHub

The ‘git push’ command moves your commits from your local repository to the remote one on GitHub. This updates your project on GitHub with your most recent changes.

In addition to these steps, learning about ‘branches’ and ‘pull requests’ will further enhance your Git and GitHub prowess for WordPress Development. At Synapse Team, we do understand that all of these might sound overwhelming if you’re new to GitHub or coding. That’s why we offer a WordPress Development Service, where our team is experienced in using tools like Git and GitHub, ensuring seamless and effective development. For more details about our services, feel free to contact us!


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