How to use github desktop for wordpress development?


Using GitHub Desktop for WordPress Development

GitHub Desktop is a powerful tool that you can use for version control for your WordPress projects. By integrating GitHub Desktop with your WordPress development workflow, you can efficiently manage and track changes to your code, collaborate with other developers, and prevent potential data loss. Here’s a basic guide on how to use GitHub Desktop for WordPress development:

1. Install GitHub Desktop

The first step is to download and install GitHub Desktop on your computer. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. Get it from here.

2. Set Up a Repository

Once you have GitHub Desktop installed, you’ll need to set up a repository (or repo) for your WordPress project.

  1. Open GitHub Desktop, and navigate to File > New Repository.
  2. Give your repo a name, specify a location on your local machine, you can optionally provide a description, and finally click on Create Repository.

3. Sync Your WordPress Files

Now, it’s time to sync your local WordPress development files with your newly created GitHub repository.

  • Copy all your WordPress files and folders and paste them into your local GitHub repo folder.
  • Open GitHub Desktop, and you will see the changes to the repository.
  • Enter a title and a description for the change in the Summary and Description fields on the left, respectively. It’s typically called a commit message. Then, click on Commit to main.

4. Push Changes to the Repository

You need to push all the changes to GitHub once you have committed them.

  • Click on Push Origin to send all changes to the repository on GitHub.

5. Collaborate and Track Changes

Other developers can now clone or download your repository, make their own changes, commit them and push them back to the repository. You can manage and keep track of all changes directly from GitHub Desktop.

Note: Before any new changes are pushed to the repository, it is always advisable to click Fetch Origin to check for any existing changes that may not be in your current version.

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