How to use editor for wordpress development?


How to Use Editor for WordPress Development is one of the comprehensive text editors employed by developers globally due to its flexibility, open-source nature, and because it is free to use. It supports almost all programming languages, including PHP, which is the primary language for WordPress Development. Below are the steps to use for WordPress development:

Step 1: Download and Install

Firstly, you need to download and install onto your computer from the official website.

Step 2: Open Your WordPress Files

Once installed, open and navigate to “File > Add Project Folder” then select your WordPress installation directory.

Step 3: Install Required Packages comes with a robust package manager that allows you to install various extensions and themes for easier coding and customization.

  • Atom WordPress: This package lets you auto-complete WordPress PHP functions.
  • Atom Beautify: It helps in auto-indentation and formatting your code to be more readable.
  • Emmet: Emmet helps in generating HTML and CSS code snippets faster, significantly enhancing productivity.

Step 4: Start Coding

After these, you can start coding your WordPress theme or plugin using, practice is key to mastering any text editor, so the more you use, the more proficient you will become. Also, ensure to keep upgrading your skills to remain relevant in the fast-evolving tech landscape.At Synapse Team, we ensure that our developers are well-versed with the latest technical skills and are proficient with cutting-edge tools like for WordPress development. We specialize in providing superior Web Development and WordPress Development Services, making sure your project is developed with excellence and professionalism. Whether you’re searching for a dedicated team or need offshore software development services, we are here to help.


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