How to setup your wordpress development workflow?


Setting Up Your WordPress Development Workflow

Setting up a WordPress development workflow involves several steps, from laying out the project scope to deploying the final product. Let’s break down the process.

1. Planning the Project

The first aspect of the workflow should be planning. Define the goals, design, technological requirements, and project timeline.

2. Set Up Your Local Development Environment

Next, set up your local development environment. Tools like WAMP, MAMP, or Local by Flywheel can be used for this purpose.

3. Choosing the Right Stack

Depending on the project requirements, decide on a stack that includes the latest PHP version, MySQL for database, and a server technology like Nginx or Apache.

4. Utilize a Source Control System

Using a system such as Git ensures version control so that no work is lost and allows for collaborative possibilities.

5. Develop Custom Themes or Plugins

Carry out custom development for themes and plugins as per the project requirement.

6. Testing

Thoroughly test the design, performance, and functionality of the website across different devices and browsers.

7. Deployment

Lastly, move the project to your live server. Tools like DeployHQ, Buddy, or manual methods can be used.At the Synapse Team, we have expert WordPress developers who follow a robust development workflow which is the key to our successful delivery of many projects. If you’re looking for professional WordPress development services, we’d be more than happy to help. Let us help you build your online presence effortlessly.


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