How to setup a local wordpress development environment?


Setting Up a Local WordPress Development Environment

Setting up a local WordPress development environment can seem complicated, but it’s made easier through tools like XAMPP, MAMP, and Local by Flywheel. Below are the general steps you’ll need to follow for a basic setup:1. Install a Local Server Environment
WordPress is built with PHP, and it requires MySQL to store data. This means your personal computer needs to have a server environment set up to run these tools. Examples of these environments include:

  • XAMPP: A cross-platform local server environment that supports Apache, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl.
  • MAMP: This is specifically designed for Mac users, and supports Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and Python.
  • Local by Flywheel: A simple, robust tool that’s specifically made for WordPress sites.

After choosing and installing your local server environment, you can then install WordPress on your local server.2. Download and Install WordPress
After your local server environment is set up, you can download WordPress from the official site. You will then extract the zip file and place the unzipped files into the ‘htdocs’ or ‘www’ directory of your local server environment.3. Set up a Database
Using tools like phpMyAdmin, you can easily set up a new MySQL database. You will need to name your database and assign a user with full permissions.4. Install WordPress and Setup Configuration
You can access your local WordPress site by typing ‘localhost’ followed by the name of the folder where you placed your WordPress files. Follow the on-screen instructions to install WordPress. You’ll need the database name, username, and password you made earlier.5. Choose, Install, and Setup Theme and Plugins
Once WordPress is installed, you can choose a theme, install and configure plugins, and start developing your site.

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