How to setup a github wordpress development?


Setting Up a GitHub WordPress Development

Setting up GitHub for WordPress development involves several steps including creating a repository, setting up a local environment, committing changes, and more. Here’s a general step-by-step guide:

  1. Create a GitHub Repository: Sign in to your GitHub account, hit the ‘New’ button, give your repository a name, and initialize it with a README file.
  2. Clone the Repository: Click on the ‘Clone’ button on the main repo page, copy the URL, and then in your local environment, run git clone [the URL you copied].
  3. Setup WordPress Local Environment: Use a local server such as MAMP or XAMPP and install WordPress in it. Now, your WordPress site is running in your local server.
  4. Push Changes: As you modify and add files in your local environment, regularly commit changes and push them to the repository using Git commands like git add ., git commit -m "message", and git push origin master.
  5. Collaborate: Invite your team members to the repo and start collaborating on the project.

The procedure may slightly vary based on your specific project requirements and team workflow.

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