How to move wordpress development site live?


Moving a WordPress Development Site to Live

Transitioning from a local or development environment to a live server is one of the crucial steps in rolling out a new WordPress website. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Backup your Website

Before you initiate anything, you first need to create a complete backup of your website. There are numerous plugins available that you can use. Ensure that your backup includes your database, theme files, uploads, plugins, and a backup of your WordPress installation as well.

Step 2: Migrate WordPress Files

Next, you need to migrate your WordPress files from your local server to the live server. You can use an FTP client for this. Make sure to upload your files to the directory of your domain hosting.

Step 3: Export the WordPress Database

The next step is to export the database on your local server. phpMyAdmin is a popular tool that allows you to export your database.

Step 4: Import the Database on the Live Server

After exporting your local database, you now need to import it on your live server. You can use phpMyAdmin in your web hosting control panel to do this.

Step 5: Edit the wp-config.php File

You need to edit wp-config.php on your live server to reflect the new database settings. The wp-config.php file holds important settings about your WordPress installation.

Step 6: Fix Permalinks

Finally, go to Settings > Permalinks and just click ‘Save changes’. This will ensure that all your site URLs are working correctly.

Need Help Moving a WordPress Site to Live?

While it sounds relatively straightforward, migrating a WordPress site could be complex if you aren’t technically proficient. You are required to handle database files, correctly reconfigure URLs, amongst other things. Missteps can lead to a loss of data or your website not functioning as it should. At Synapse Team, we offer WordPress Development Services and have helped numerous businesses transition their website from development to live stage seamlessly and efficiently. Our experts would love to help you transition and ensure that your move to a live environment is as smooth as possible.


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