How to learn wordpress development?


Learning WordPress Development: A Comprehensive Guide

Learning WordPress development starts with a strong commitment and willingness to familiarize yourself with the technology. Here are steps you can follow to learn WordPress development:

1. Begin with Basics

  • Understand HTML: Although WordPress will do a lot of coding for you, understanding basic HTML will be of great help.
  • Learn CSS: CSS is used for designing and it is important to learn it so you can design attractive themes and plugins.
  • Grasp PHP: WordPress is largely built on PHP, so a strong understanding of it is necessary. One needs to know how to use PHP to manipulate data, to interact with a database, and to implement complex functions.
  • Get comfortable with JavaScript: It’s a versatile language that can modify HTML and CSS on the fly and interact with server-side scripts.
  • 2. Understand WordPress Core

    WordPress Core is the base from which other WordPress types like plugins, themes, and websites are made. Understanding the WordPress core will enable you to build custom themes and plugins.

    3. Practice Building Plugins and Themes

    Building your own plugins and themes will provide practical experience and help you understand the intricacies of WordPress development.

    4. Use Online Resources

    There are many online resources with tutorials, and guides that can assist you in learning WordPress development.

    5. Join WordPress Community

    The WordPress community is very active and helpful. Join the community, participate in forums, contribute to open-source projects, and never hesitate to ask questions.

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