How to get an openai api key?


How to Obtain an OpenAI API Key

Obtaining an OpenAI API key involves a simple process that requires you to create an account in the OpenAI website. Let me guide you through the steps involved.1. Access the OpenAI website: Visit OpenAI’s official website.
2. Create an Account: To get API key, you first need to create an account. Find the signup button and follow the instructions.
3. Verify Your Email: Once you register using your email, you’ll need to verify it. OpenAI shall send you a verification link to your email. This is to make sure the account belongs to you.
4. Get API Key: After verifying your email, you can find your API key in your account settings/profile page. Remember to keep your API Key safe since it gives access to your OpenAI account and usage. Always avoid sharing it with untrusted parties.

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