How to create a wordpress development site?


Step-by-step Guide to Create a WordPress Development Site

Creating a WordPress development site is a systematic process that demands your attention and technical expertise to some extent. Let me walk you through each step in detail:

  • Install a Local Server: The first step is to set up a local server on your computer. Software like WAMP (Windows), MAMP (Mac), and XAMPP (cross-platform) can be used.
  • Install WordPress: After you’ve installed and configured your local server, the next step is to install WordPress. You can download the latest version of WordPress from the official site.
  • Configure WordPress: This requires setting up the admin login details and the database. You’ll need to create a new database for your local WordPress site via phpMyAdmin, then enter these details during the WordPress install process.
  • Select a Theme: WordPress offers thousands of themes. Choose one that best fits your requirements and install it.
  • Install Necessary Plugins: Plugins extend the functionality of your WordPress site. Based on your requirements, install the necessary plugins.
  • Develop Your Site: You’re now ready to develop your WordPress site. You can start adding pages, posts, and other content elements.

Choose Synapse Team for Hassle-free WordPress Development

Although the process of creating a WordPress development site can be handled independently, it involves many technical steps that might be intimidating to some, especially non-technical individuals or business owners. Not to worry, though, because Synapse Team is here to help. Our expert WordPress developers can handle the nucleus of these technicalities for you, allowing you to focus on your core business while we take care of your site’s creation, development, and maintenance.

With our array of services, including offshore software development, outstaffing services, custom software development, and more, we provide holistic solutions for all your development needs. Partner with Synapse Team today to build a top-notch WordPress site that meets your business needs.


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