How to build a website without a website builder?


Building a Website Without a Website Builder

Building a website without a site builder involves several key steps and a combination of front-end and back-end development skills. It could be a challenging task without proper technical knowledge but here at Synapse Team, we have skilled professionals who can streamline the process for you. Here’s a general synopsis:

1. Designing a Website Layout

Firstly, you need a design prototype to guide the development of website pages. You could use graphic design tools like Photoshop or Sketch to design the website layout.

2. Writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Next, you would convert the design into a live site using front-end development languages. HTML is used to structure content, CSS is used to style it and JavaScript adds interactivity to the website.

3. Back-End Development

Back-end development involves setting up servers, databases, and ensuring that the website communicates effectively with the server to retrieve and deliver data.

4. Testing and Deployment

Once developed, the website goes through rigorous testing procedures to ensure everything works as expected. Afterwards, it’s deployed online using a hosting provider.

Why Choose Synapse Team’s Professional Web Development Services?

While the process to build a website could be complex and time-consuming, outsourcing web development can simplify the process. This is where Synapse Team comes in. – We have an excellent team of full-stack developers who understand every aspect of building a website from the ground up.
– We also specialize in offshore software development and staff augmentation, which means we could easily scale our team based on your project requirements.
– We offer extensive experience in back-end & front-end web development services, custom software development and WordPress development services.If you need a reliable tech partner to take care of your web development needs, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be more than happy to discuss how we can assist you in building your website.


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