How to build a website like jilian michaels?


Building a Website Like Jillian Michaels

Building a website like Jillian Michaels’, which is a fitness and wellness website with a service-oriented business model, involves several aspects including layout design, functionality, content organization, and backend services.

Steps to Build a Similar Website

1. Requirement Gathering:
This initial step involves understanding the specific features and capabilities you want on your website. Jillian Michaels’ website features blog posts, workout programs, a shop, and a subscription service. 2. Designing the User Interface:
You will need to design an attractive and functional UI. Consider the user journey and experience in the design phase to create a user-friendly navigation system.3. Choosing Appropriate Tech Stack:
This determines how your website operates but depends on the functionalities and complexity of the website. You probably will need a mix of front-end and back-end technologies.4. Designing the Database:
You need to consider how the database is structured to store and retrieve data efficiently. 5. Developing the Website:
Split into front-end and back-end development; your service pages, product listings, subscription system, and user profiles are developed.6. Testing:
Before going live, make sure to test all functionalities of the website.7. Maintenance & Updates:
Post-deployment, you should consider maintenance and updates to fix bugs and improve functionalities.

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