How to build a website like amazon on wix?


Building a Website Like Amazon on Wix

Building an extensive ecommerce website like Amazon on Wix is possible but it requires careful planning, development, and sufficient knowledge of the platform. Here are a few main steps involved in building such a website:

1. Establishing a Plan:

First and foremost, you need to understand your website requirements and goals. Amazon is an extensive marketplace, so you’ll need to establish what features you want to replicate.

2. Choosing a Subscription:

Wix offers various subscription plans, but for ecommerce sites, their Business and Ecommerce plan would be the best choice. This will offer you all the ecommerce features you’ll need.

3. Selecting a Template:

Wix provides a variety of ecommerce templates that you can choose from. Make sure to pick one that aligns with your site’s purpose and layout.

4. Customizing Your Website:

Next, use Wix’s drag-and-drop editor to customize your pages. You can add or remove elements as you see fit. It’s important to ensure that your site is user-friendly and works smoothly.

5. Adding Ecommerce Features:

Wix’s platform has several ecommerce functionalities like product pages, shopping carts, and payment gateways. Depending on your needs, you might additionally need advanced functionality like seller profiles, rating systems, and more.

6. Testing and Launch:

Finally, test all aspects of your site to ensure they are working correctly. Upon completion, launch your website to the public.


While Wix is a fantastic and user-friendly platform, building a website as complex as Amazon might call for a more advanced approach. Running an ecommerce giant involves dealing with significant back-end logic, database management, security issues, and more.

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